Toronto Raptors Playoff T-Shirts for Fans Are the Worst

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Our Canadian friends to the north do a lot of things well. They are friendly and have universal health care and some kind of weird gravy that they put on their fries. But they could use all the help when it comes to making free T-shirts for their fans during the playoffs.

On Monday the Toronto Raptors will face off against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 5 of the NBA playoffs, and the T-shirt designs have been historically shitty.


Here is Game 5’s design:

Twitter screenshot

This kind of looks like a weed leaf with a basketball hoop and a nail going through it; that, or maybe an unhappy peacock. For the Win notes that this isn’t the first air ball by the franchise when it comes to making free swag.

This is the shirt it gave fans during the start of the playoff series:


And here’s an angry snowball and a violent beaver from last year’s playoff run:


Here’s hoping that the Raptors step up their basketball and their graphic game.

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