Top Chef Finale: Carla was Robbed

It's probably hard to believe, but I'm addicted to Bravo's reality shows. First roped into watching by my wonderful ex, I find myself turing away from sports events and video gaming to "watch what happens," and last night wasn't any different. Bravo crowned Hosea Rosenberg the winner in their show “Top Chef”…. but as gracious as she is in the loser’s pen, Carla Hall was robbed.

She was a strong competitor who had the best cooking chops and instincts of the entire cast of contestants. When she relied on the advice of others, only then did her food fail to meet the mark. The judges were focused on how the final three finished, and I felt like they should have reviewed how well they played the game overall, because anyone can have an off night. Hosea Rosenberg lucked into a good sequence of dishes that won over the panel, but Hall, by far, played the best game overall, and she didn’t have to kick anyone in the shins to do it. I also felt the editing made Hall look like the crazed, hyper-happy Black bird with bulging eyes, and I wasn’t feeling that.

Big ups to Hosea Rosenberg, but Carla Hall was the best choice to win Top Chef. But that’s just how the cookie crumbles, I guess.


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