Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby (Warner Bros)

Janell Hazelwood writes:

I’ve always been a fan of author F. Scott Fitzgerald, and one of my favorite classics by the writer is The Great Gatsby. As a child with what many people would describe as an “old soul,” I always loved colorful stories set in the past, whether it was the Bible days, Medieval times, the Roaring ’20s, liberated ’60s or the psychedelic ’70s— especially if they were true or based on what was really going on at the time.


Since the movie premiered, I felt inclined to revisit an old favorite of mine. In doing my research, I found that Fitgerald, in the way that great innovators of communication and story-telling do, included timeless themes that are still relevant decades later and can fuel the imaginations and critical thinking processes of generations to come.

(Wait, I promise you, no spoilers here. I haven’t even seen the movie to spoil it, but the book, well, that’s been in existence for decades.)

Here are a few career-related lessons from the classic that can help you avoid career ruin.

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