5. Believing You’re Not Racist Because ...

Not all white people are racist.

But all white people who say “I’m not racist because ... ” are racist.

Nothing makes you not racist. Not one of your best friends. Not feminism. Not your Black Lives Matter T-shirt. Not your half-black children. Not black penis.


Especially not black penis.

4. Taylor Swift

Just because.

3. Whoever Manufactures the Leashes You Put on Your Children

I’m just saying ... we’re talking about oppression, right? Who told you this was OK? I have a theory that 39 percent of all school shooters are children whose parents walked them around the mall on a leash.


Stop this.


2. White Supremacy

While we are talking about victimization, silencing and oppression, we will see y’all at the next Black Lives Matter march, right? We won’t see y’all clutching your pearls when someone takes a knee during the national anthem, right? After all, you would never support silencing the oppressed, huh?


We’ll make a deal. We will care about Twitter banning your people when you stop participating in inequality and victimization by upholding the pillars of America’s white supremacy. You were the ones whose fingers pointed at Emmett Till. You are the teachers greasing the sides of the school-to-prison pipeline. You are the beneficiaries of ethnic cleansing.

Yet you didn’t boycott Twitter when white supremacists attacked Leslie Jones. In fact, did you know that the same platform that shut down Rose McGowan is used by white supremacists to plan and organize?


You know what they call it when you are cool with injustice until it happens to you?






1. White Women

I don’t know how this would actually work. Can one boycott oneself? All I know is that white women are letting white women off the hook. You know who you should boycott?


Boycott the group that voted for Donald Trump at a 53 percent clip. Boycott the group that tries to eliminate affirmative action but that benefits from it the most. Boycott the people who didn’t say shit when Bill O’Reilly attacked Rep. Maxine Waters, or when Tomi Lahren attacked Waters.

Boycott the ones who created a Twitter hashtag on Twitter to boycott Twitter.

Black White Women’s Lives Matter.