You know black leaders are brainwashed when …

1) … they fear that talking about racism may hamper their success.

2) … they roll over at the slightest hint of retaliation.

3) … they allow avowed enemies to define their agenda.

4) … they quickly retreat from already weak positions.

5) … they swiftly throw another black person under the bus to appear less racist.

6) … they are more concerned about status among whites than defending black people.

7) … they equalize racism, making it a black and white thing.

8) … they legitimize, tolerate or excuse white groups, pundits or individuals who race-bait.


9) … they allow whites to redefine the meaning of ''racism.''

10) … they accept the ''post-racial'' illusion as our reality.

Tom Burrell is a marketing communications pioneer, founder and former CEO of Burrell Communications, and an Advertising Hall of Fame inductee. He is the author of Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority. (Smiley Books).