To the Suprise of Nobody, Some Asshole Just Flew a 'White Lives Matter' Banner Over a Soccer Stadium

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One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when somebody goes out of their way to explain something I already know. If you’ve spent more than two minutes on planet Earth, you’re acutely aware that white people have made themselves the center of the fucking universe for several centuries now at the expense of Black lives, Black dignity, Black progress and Black everything.


And in the latest example of their refusal to ever be de-centered, we have a police investigation that’s currently underway because some asshole thought it would be a good idea to fly a “White Lives Matter Burnley” banner over a soccer stadium in Manchester, England.

For those who have no idea what in the hell Burnley is, that would be Burnley FC, a soccer team based in Burnley, Lancashire.

From NBC News:

The aircraft flew over the stadium just after the start of the game between Burnley and Manchester City. In keeping with other recent English Premier League games since the competition re-started, players and staff of both teams kneeled in support of the Black Lives Matter movement just moments earlier.

You read that correctly. English Premier League teams have made it a point to kneel in support of Black Lives Matter prior to their games, so it’s only fitting that some asshole would detract from such a powerful statement by pulling this “White Lives Matter” bullshit because of course, they did.

We get it. We know.

We see it every damn day.

On executive boards, on juries, in the workplace, in courtrooms, in classrooms, in the government, on dollar bills, at the top of the food chain—y’all are every-damn-where but the seasoning rack.


In response to the banner, Burnley issued an impassioned statement:

Burnley Football Club strongly condemns the actions of those responsible for the aircraft and offensive banner that flew over The Etihad Stadium on Monday evening.

We wish to make it clear that those responsible are not welcome at Turf Moor.

This, in no way, represents what Burnley Football Club stands for and we will work fully with the authorities to identify those responsible and issue lifetime bans.

The club has a proud record of working with all genders, religions and faiths through its award-winning Community scheme, and stands against racism of any kind.

We are fully behind the Premier League’s Black Lives Matter initiative and, in line with all other Premier League games undertaken since Project Restart, our players and football staff willingly took the knee at kick-off at Manchester City.

We apologise unreservedly to the Premier League, to Manchester City and to all those helping to promote Black Lives Matter.


Burnley’s captain Ben Mee admitted that he “heard some whispers” that something was going to happen and that “the club tried to stop it.”

“I’m ashamed and embarrassed that a small number of our fans have decided to put that around the stadium,” he said.


No word yet on who’s responsible, but I’m inclined to believe that it was Muhamad Ali’s estranged son, Muhamad Ali Jr.


But if not, “allies,” come get your people.

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For those of you wondering what soccer is, it’s that sport where they throw bananas on the field whenever there are Black players on the team.