Time for an Examination of White in America

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Sharon Toomer of Black and Brown News reflects in a piece for the Huffington Post on CNN's latest effort to address the black experience.

I watched CNN's latest installment of "Black in America." Over the course of the last four years, this series has explained and examined the experiences of Black people in America. This most recent installment aired on Sunday, and covered the subject of race identity, "colorism," (dark skin and light skin) within the Black community. The program's central question: "Who is Black in America?"

My takeaway: It is time, long overdue, for news media to explore a comprehensive examination of Whites in America.

In its race-ethnicity series "In America," CNN has examined Blacks (exhaustively), Latinos and Asians. I believe, and I am not alone, that an as extensive series examining Whites in America (the United States specifically) should be brought to the public. An examination, exploration, insight into White America's issues — from a historical context to today — and how those issues factor into everyone else's cultural, economic, political and social issues. I believe we — all of America — will glean and learn revealing information from that examination.

Wall Street Journal writer Douglas A. Blackmon explored a critical facet of White America in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book Slavery by Another Name.


Read Sharon Toomer's entire piece at the Huffington Post.

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