Tiger Woods: Single Fatherhood Is Tough

Tiger Woods (David Cannon/Getty Images)
Tiger Woods (David Cannon/Getty Images)

After Tiger Woods' sudden and scandalous fall from grace in 2009, the golfer appeared on ABC's Good Morning America to discuss a topic far less attention grabbing than multiple mistresses and sexting, but with even more universal appeal than his golf game: parenting.

People magazine reports that Woods is focused on his efforts to be present for his two children: daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 2.

"It's work, there's no doubt," the golfer, 35, speaking on ABC's Good Morning America Thursday, said about single fatherhood. "It's tough. But it's enjoyable. That's the work I love."


Expanding upon that point, Woods said of his kids, "I just love being with them and seeing what they're doing, what they're capable of doing — the joys, just the shifts of interest … It's just fun. We have a great time together."

That time, he said, is spent watching Sam dance, create things, color and re-arrange furniture. As for Charlie, whom Woods called "my little brute," the boy only wants to play sports. "Give him a stick and a ball," says his father, "and he's happy."

According to GMA co-host Robin Roberts in her introduction to the family-focused segment, Woods really has changed. "The arrogance is no longer there. He's been humbled by the past year," she said.

Looks like a bit of a loss for celebrity-gossip addicts, but a big win for the Woods kids.


Read more at People magazine.

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