Tiffany Haddish Bombs, Drinks with Fans Instead

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Tiffany Haddish wasn’t ready for her set. It didn’t stop a few fans from having a good time.


Performing to a packed house at the James L. Knight center in Miami, the usually poised Haddish didn’t have her best stuff as the new year approached. As the set progressed, Haddish forgot a few of her jokes, and realized the jokes she could remember weren’t connecting as expected.

The fans heading for the exit probably tipped her off. “This is weird for me. Now,” Haddish said as fans lost interest and gathered their things. “This is going to be on TMZ or whatever.”

Soon, the boos and hecklers started in.

While we’re certain Andrew thought he had a banger with this video he posted, the paltry amount of likes and retweets suggests the internet seems to realize how corny it is for a grown man to show out at a comedy show he paid to see.

Setting aside Andrew’s decision to show out for a smattering of likes and retweets, he wasn’t alone.


Haddish, after reading some of her set from her iPad, cut her set short to drink some Ciroc with the fans who stuck around, according to TMZ.

Haddish had recently been the center of a quasi-beef with recently funny again standup comic Katt Williams, who revealed a low opinion of Haddish’s standup skills.


“She has not proven the ability to tell jokes back-to-back for an hour to nobody,” Williams said about the Girls Trip star. 

Comics bomb constantly. I for one am sad to have missed out on a shot at getting wrecked with Tiffany.

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While comics do bomb all the time, it’s still kind of a big deal for a big star to bomb this badly on NYE in a major city. Audience likely paid large for this mess. It makes her look badly unprofessional to be this unprepared for an event like this.