Thursday's Headlines

WP: Blago Expected to Be Indicted Today (Did You Hear that Roland?)

CNN: Michelle Obama Hugs Queen, (White) People Freak Out

Reuters: Sarkozy Gives G20 Presser, Asked If Obama Hug Freaked Him Out Too

BBC: G20 Seals $1T Deal; Media Asks, "No, But for Real, Did You See That Hug"?

NYT: China Looks to Own Electric Car Game; US Wonders 'Any Interest in GM Stock'?


AJE: Mexico Arrests Wanted Drug Suspect; 1 Down, 3748293748293 to Go

BET: NY Eateries Don't Want Black Staff, Mention "But We Totally Voted for Obama"


BS: A Tome on Working That Should Probably Be Shorter But Is OK Written By a Black Dude

CK: Someone Keeps It Real About Madame Cray-Cray's 'ANTM' Debacle

PCM: Twitter Reworks Search Feature, Twittered Fact Long Before This Posting

WSJ: G20 Looks to Raise a Trilli for the IMF, Says It's Easier to Give Dough to Acronyms

NYT: Palestinian Kills Kid in West Bank with Ax; Netanyahu to Go Kuffiyeh Slapping*

AJE: Zimbabwe's Prisons 'Death Camps', Says 'It's Africa. We Figured No One Else Would Notice'


AP: House, Senate Poised to Adopt Pared-Down Budget; GOP in Lab Trying to Stir Reagan

Forbes: Gene Mutation Doubles Risk of Colon Cancer in Blacks

NYDN: CBS Cancels 'Guiding Light'; Your Grandmama and 'Em Devastated

ESPN: Negative YAC: Donte' Stallworth Charged with Manslaughter, DUI

DB: Hollywood Slashing Salaries; Buzz Only Got $200K for 'Do the Right Thing II: Radio's Revenge'


BET: Recalling She Was Indeed Mollywhopped, Rihanna Continues Cooperating with D.A.

CNN: Obama's Aunt 'Knows People', Gets Reprieve in Asylum Case

*And he should.

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