Three White Supremacists Arrested Before Gun Rights Rally in Virginia

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Photo: Royal Canadian Mountain Police (Associated Press)

There are fears that an upcoming “gun rights” rally this Monday in Virginia has the potential to become the next Charlottesville. Unfortunately, those fears may be come to fruition.


NBC News reports that three men who are a part of the white supremacist group The Base were arrested en route to the rally. It should be noted that the “gun rights” rally is being held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Brian Lemley and William Bilbrough were arrested on charges of transporting and harboring undocumented immigrants and conspiring to do so with Lemley picking up a charge of transporting a machine gun and disposing of a firearm and ammunition to an immigrant unlawfully present in the United States. The undocumented person in question was Patrik Matthews, a Canadian national and allegedly a top recruiter for The Base.

The Base, for those curious, is a fringe white supremacist group that seeks to establish a white ethno-state that would come as the result of a race war. They frequently discuss committing acts of violence against black and Jewish people in their encrypted group chat. So you know, just a generally chill group of dudes.

The rally on Monday has led Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to declare a state of emergency after receiving information that hate groups and armed militias are due to attend. Additionally, the Governor has banned firearms at the rally. 

It’s clear that phrases like “gun rights” and “Unite the Right” are just cover for what these things truly are. White supremacists rallies. To our Virginia readers, please stay safe this weekend and be vigilant.



“The Base” is a literal translation of Al-Qaeda.

Hang these treasonous lunatics.