This. Really. Works.

Jane Carter Solutions
Jane Carter Solutions

It is possible for hair to be glossy and shiny—Jane Carter Solution has the remedy. Established in 2005 by CEO Jane Carter (who has 20+ years experience in the hair industry), the brand was created  specifically to answer the desperate calls about dry, brittle hair. "Hair is hair," says the company literature: And the word is these products work beautifully on strands of all textures— Jane Carter gives life back to parched manes. Fortunately, all of the products contain ingredients you can pronounce, and at the Jane Carter Solution Web site, with the option of using a live chat, someone will to walk you through finding the right "product prescription." A few of their best sellers include the coveted Nourish and Shine ($22), Moisture Nourishing Shampoo w/Lemon extract ($8), and the Hair Nourishing Serum ($20) called by PureZing Organics "the best hair serum on the market." Whether your hair is fried, dyed, flipped to the side, whether you have braids, waves, curls, whether you are a true blonde or a bottle blonde, whether you have blue streaks or rock your crop strictly au natural, if nourishment is what you need, Jane Carter will deliver.


Shirea L. Carroll is a journalist and online TV host based in New Jersey. She blogs at Invite Only.