NSJ Crew (YouTube)

Did you ever have to wear a school uniform? The ill-constructed polo shirts, the extremely hot khaki pants … and who could forget the clunky shoes that seemed to make your feet weigh a ton?

While this description might seem like a nightmare to some, to Minneapolis-based youth hip-hop groups Y.N. Rich Kids and the NSJ Crew, it's actually a pretty cool fashion statement, and one that the NSJ Crew is rapping about on the new single "Khaki Pants," presented by Y.N. Rich Kids. (Apparently the two groups share members.)

According to the Huffington Post, "Khaki Pants" is an ode to school uniforms — and even has an accompanying dance. "Walking through the school in my khaki pants, when they see how I be fresh, they do the khaki dance," is one line from the rap. Last summer Y.N. Rich Kids garnered fame after releasing the song "Hot Cheetos and Takis," which was about their favorite snacks.

Check out the video and read more at the Huffington Post.