This Is What Happened When a Cop in NC and the Man Who Tried to Stab Him Saw Each Other a Year Later

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Raleigh, N.C., Police Officer J.D. Boyd shared this photo and the story of what happened the night he met Cory Sanders (right) in October 2014. 

When Raleigh, N.C., Police Officer J.D. Boyd and Cory Sanders first met Oct. 25, 2014, it wasn't pleasant. The officer was trying to stop a domestic disturbance between Sanders and his girlfriend. Sanders reportedly tried to stab Boyd during an altercation, and the officer said he came close to shooting Sanders. Luckily for both of them, the incident ended with both men walking away.

According to the Daily Mail, the restraint shown by the officer that night earned him a distinguished service medal from the Raleigh Police Department for not only protecting the victim but also showing "great consideration for the life of the suspect."


Almost a year later, the two would meet again, and this time it was all smiles.

"Almost a year ago this man and I were involved in a major altercation where he tried to stab me in the head and I nearly shot him," the police officer wrote in a Facebook post that included a photo of himself and Sanders. "Today we ran into each other again and I learned that after his time in prison and some help from probation he now has a full time job."

The officer noted that Sanders was expecting another son before Christmas.

"I was glad it ended well for us both that day," he wrote, "and I am ecstatic now to learn that he has turned his life around and we can embrace as friends."


Boyd's message received more than 180,000 likes. 

"No one is ever lost forever," he wrote. " … things will work out eventually."

Sanders' girlfriend spotted the photo and took to Facebook to thank the officer.

"Thank you so much officer Boyd for everything you did for me and my boyfriend that day," wrote Kendra Powell. "People don't really know the story … that day could have been way worst [sic]. I love this story and I actually can speak on it and know this is the real deal!"


Boyd told Powell how happy he was to hear that things were trending in the right direction.

"Kendra, I seriously can't express how happy it makes me to know the changes that he has made and that your family is still whole and has healed from such a traumatizing incident," he wrote. "If y'all ever need anything please let me know. Looking forward to meeting the new addition in a few months!"


Read more at the Daily Mail.

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