Calling herself a “warrior for the truth,” Seales went on to repeat unconfirmed, murky rumors she’d heard without really accusing Rolle of anything. She explained that Rolle “said some troubling things” during a phone call with her that made her “take a step back.”


What the fuck that even mean?

Did he say he likes sugar on his grits or call you the b-word (bananahead)? I too, have dated some people who have made me “take a step back.” But I would never reveal the name of the woman who told me she thinks Lil’ Wayne is a lyrical genius. I wouldn’t ruin the life of the woman who chose Tyler Perry’s first Madea movie for our first date.


Seales went on to accuse Rolle of opening his hotel room door, unclothed, for a date with an unnamed woman. As a man, I am not in the position to judge whether Rolle’s action might be a forward-but-stupid choice or an example of sexual harassment, but Seales admitted that she had done “literally no investigation” before telling almost a million followers this story. She didn’t even say she was told by the person who this alleged incident happened to. She only said she “heard that one story” after it was “brought to her attention.”

“It has been shocking and incredibly discomforting to me how many women—eight as of tonight—that have come forward to say his name,” Seales noted. “And that he has been incredibly problematic, and ... you know, behaved in a very sexual, predatorial way with them that some have said could have gotten him fired.”


“If you are approached by Myron Rolle, you should just be mindful,” Seales continued. “I don’t have empirical proof but I have had enough women come forward saying that he was incredibly inappropriate with them that I feel it would be inappropriate of me to not put the word out there that there is a man out there who is not being ok with women.”

In his defense, Rolle sent the following statement to the Miami Herald:

I understand that in today’s world the responsibility falls on the ‘accused’ to prove themselves innocent, as opposed to ones alleged ‘accuser’ having to prove their claims before going public. Unfortunately, I have found myself victim to these very circumstances.

A blogger/online personality, whom I have never met in person and have only interacted with once via phone, recently claimed that I verbally harassed her during a phone call exchange. She furthered these claims by stating that anonymous sources have come forward and added their accounts to her narrative.

Let me make myself perfectly clear—these accusations are absolutely false and should be characterized as exactly what they are—acts of bullying, intimidation and retaliation.

I have been raised to respect women and to also keep my personal affairs private, as that is the respectful thing to do. However, I will not sit idly by and allow someone to engage in intentional character assassination simply because I did not return their advances or wish to engage in a relationship as they may have wanted.

Accusations of sexual harassment should be taken seriously, but the same should be said for false accusations against someone and the impact those accusations can have in today’s digital world. I thank you all for your support and for allowing me the opportunity to stand up for myself and against any actions of bullying, intimidation and retaliation.


This is the danger of using the sweeping generalization of “sexual misconduct.” The charges against Rolle aren’t even accusations, they are a handful of libelous, vague allegations Seales admits aren’t rooted in evidence. It’s dangerous and scary.

Not only is it irresponsible, but it helps to create an atmosphere that reduces the importance of actual, evidence-based claims against people who are predators. If Seales has evidence, facts or even firsthand knowledge of Rolle being abusive or exhibiting offensive behavior, why not say exactly what it is? No one is asking her to be an investigator, but “Not being ok with women” is different from someone telling Seales about an incident of sexual assault or harassment. And Seales’ hazy conflation leads to speculation that belittles the cause she claims to support.


There are women who have seen Seales’s recrimination of Rolle and, like me, shrugged it off as an unfounded social media rumor. If, as Seales claims, Rolle has done something harmful to nine women, then the overwhelming responsibility of sisterhood that forced her to publicly insinuate he is somewhere between a serial rapist and a repeat sexual harasser should also force her to be specific, so that women won’t dismiss these claims as internet gossip.

Rolle is embarking on a medical career. Any potential employer will conduct a background check and, if they simply Google Rolle’s name and he pops up as an accused sexual harasser, most institutions aren’t willing to take that risk. This could literally ruin his career before it starts.


If there is any truth to these allegations, people should know. And if Rolle is just a knucklehead, a pompous jerk or a bad dater, it is perfectly ok for Seales to say that, too.

But this is not how you get rid of a predator.

Ridding the world of toxic behavior is necessary, but we should be careful not to poison our own environment when doing so. Saying something is always a good idea ...


But this ain’t it.

(Updated 3/3/22 with new details)