#TheRootTrip: The Island Spot Serves Up the Flavor of Jamaica in the Heart of Black Dallas

Employees at the Island Spot in Oak Cliff, Texas, offer warm and friendly service. (Lawrence Ross/The Root)

I’m a simple man. If there are oxtails within reach, then I’m going to eat said oxtails. See? Not complicated. So when readers said that I just had to visit the Island Spot, where they have oxtails, in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, well, it seemed like a great suggestion.

Founded by Richard Thomas—a Jamaican native who was inspired by his Mama Joyce, who combined great food with wonderful fruit juices—the Island Spot has definitely hit its mark. I highly recommend the Reggae Punch, to the point of asking if I could steal their recipe.

Lawrence Ross/The Root

Bright and airy, the Island Spot is like a slice of Montego Bay in the heart of black Dallas. With a full bar along with the food, I can see why it’s a popular spot for both lunch and an after-work dinner.

With two locations, in the Carrollton and Oak Cliff neighborhoods, the staff at this spot on 309 W. Jefferson Blvd. in Oak Cliff were friendly, and the food definitely hit the spot.

Total spent? $20 plus a $10 tip: $30

Total spent at black businesses so far: $303

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