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Okay, okay. Enough is enough.

Ever since “The Chickening,” folks have been losing their damn minds over this Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. There’ve been insanely long lines, a sharp increase in white-on-white crime, and all manner of bedlam and chaos as mild-mannered citizens have regressed into neanderthals over $4 worth of fast food.


On Tuesday, I reported on a man getting stabbed to death for cutting a line at a Popeyes in Maryland, and now comes the news of a woman destroying her own damn car over a similar stunt.


The incident in question, which was captured on video and shared to Instagram, took place at a Popeyes location in Los Angeles. This crazed customer refused to wait in the drive-thru line like a respectable human being and instead attempted to shoehorn her old ass Mercedes Benz between cars in front of her.

SPOILER WARNING: It didn’t end well.

Behold the madness below:

As you can clearly see, that big ass yellow pillar is a stationary object—meaning despite her best efforts to drive through it, that shit ain’t moving. But don’t think that stopped her from trying as it tore her doors to shreds.

Onlookers can be heard yelling “Damn!” and “You’re fucking your shit up!” as they watch in disbelief at the lengths this woman went to stave off her hunger pains.


“All this for a chicken sandwich,” someone says. My sentiments exactly.

What makes matters worse is that for all of her trouble, a Popeyes employee walks over and informs her that her reward for being such a shitty human being is that they won’t even take her order. So you destroyed your car and you’re still hungry? Let’s give this idiot a round of applause.


Hopefully, this craze dies down soon because these stories are getting more and more ridiculous and black lives are supposed to matter, dammit.

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