Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The Zulu Nation moved to distance itself from its founder, Afrika Bambaataa, by announcing that it will change its leadership and focus on victims of abuse, according to the New York Daily News

Initially the group rushed to Bambaataa’s defense when accusations of child molestation surfaced in late March.  He himself claimed that the allegations were part of a “government conspiracy.”

However, after widespread condemnation from both outside and inside the organization, including a searing letter from one of the original members on Facebook as well as corroboration from the leader’s bodyguard, the tide began to turn.


According to the News, the group announced Friday that it was seeking new leadership for an “in-depth reassessment.”


A released statement read in part, “The previous leaders and founders have been ineffective at being able to respond in a way which our members and associates deserve of us. … We have a duty to search for truth.”

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