The World Cup final is Sunday, and we’re still rooting for everybody black. Well, one of my colleagues was rooting for Germany. But, that’s neither here nor there.


Back to black folks.

Recently, people have been referring to the French national team, Les Bleus, as the “last standing African team.” With 12 players of African descent out of a 23 member squad, calling them an “African” team seems fitting.


Here’s the thing—France’s history of race relations is troubling, to say the least.

Karen Attiah, an African woman, who wrote “Why calling France ‘the last African team’ in the World Cup is problematic” described how the French pretty much pillaged Africa, and committed crimes against humanity, but love them some black soccer players.

Black people in France continue to face discrimination, and so do their soccer players. The fact is, when the World Cup is said and done, these super talented black men playing for European countries will still be black men.

See the entire video above.

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