'The Wire' Actress Arrested

The Baltimore Sun reports:

More than 30 people, including the actress known as "Snoop" from the Baltimore-based HBO series The Wire, were arrested Thursday morning across the city and its surrounding counties in connection with a large-scale heroin and marijuana operation.

Raids were carried out in the pre-dawn hours by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Baltimore police and a slew of other federal and state law enforcement agencies.


Felicia "Snoop" Pearson, known for her drug-assassin character on The Wire, was taken into custody at a downtown apartment on a state warrant, officials said.

The arrests are part of a five-month drug investigation, officials said. 

Snoop's been in real-life trouble before. Back in 2007, The Root's Teresa Wiltz asked in 2007 whether Snoop could really escape her past. This incident makes it look more like the answer might be no.


Read more at the the Baltimore Sun.

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