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This year’s White House intern class is so white, each intern has one aunt who looks like Larry Bird.

Photo: Stacy Revere (Getty Images)

This intern class is so white that when discussing said aunt’s doppelgänger, they use the word “roundball.” The average credit score of this year’s White House intern class is 905. This year’s intern class is so white because that’s how the White House rolls, and who are we kidding—did anyone think it would be otherwise?

Donald Trump has been consistent in his campaign promise—which really wasn’t a promise but more a dog whistle to those with their ears tuned to white supremacy—that he was going to make America white again, and he’s held true to this commitment since taking office.

With the firing of Omarosa Manigault Newman, Trump lost 50 percent of his black staff. The only African American left in his Cabinet is Ben “Mumbles” Carson, who is currently knee-deep in a Rent-a-Center-esque scandal involving a breakfront china cabinet.


Some news outlets have argued that the whiteness of Trump’s intern class speaks volumes, but does it ... really?

Yes, America is getting browner, with a recent Brookings Institution study showing that American millennials are now 44 percent minority and “the most diverse adult generation in American history.” All that means is that the Trump staff had to work harder to find qualified white faces to fill his internships, and I’m sure that the first requirement was that they be white.


The whiteness of Trump’s latest group of interns didn’t go quietly into the internet night:


But the photo immediately made me think two things: First, what did we really expect from this trash-ass administration that parks its T-top Camaros all over the White House lawn? And second, what self-respecting millennial of color would really want to intern for this shit house—which, I just learned in the comments section of a recent Trump post, is an outhouse enclosure with a hole in the ground for shit—and it perfectly describes this administration.


I see what seem to be two people of color framing the viewer’s left side of the photo, but I could be wrong; it could be two white kids with a tan. Nevertheless, the White House is going to White House, and at this point, what did you really expect?

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