The White House Even Lies About the Weather, Tweets Photo of ‘First Snow’ on 70 Degree Day

Marine One kicks up snow as it lands on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, on Feb. 1, 2019, to convey US President Donald Trump to Andrews Air Force Base in neighboring Maryland. Trump is traveling to Palm Beach, Fla.
Photo: Jim Watson (Getty Images)

The White House is so out of touch with reality that on one of the hottest days in January history, the White House shared a photo declaring the first snow of the year.

“First snow of the year!” read the photo’s caption, which showed the White House in the background and snow pouring down. The photo was shared to Twitter on Sunday evening when temperatures reached a high of 70 degrees.


There was no snow in Washington, D.C., Sunday but that didn’t stop this lying ass White House from pushing out a lying ass photo.

Of course, Twitter took the opportunity to try and help the White House correct the obvious error.


Apparently, the photo was taken on Tuesday when it actually snowed in D.C. but the White House was bogged down in Russian bed sheet laundry and didn’t have enough time to post the photo.


“By early Monday, the photo had been retweeted more than 3,300 times, amassing close to 10,000 comments,” the Washington Post reports.

The Post notes that the White House pushed this bullshit photo out Friday night on Facebook and scores of people called them out, noting that if we aren’t talking about crushed Adderall lines, then it wasn’t snowing Friday night.


Then, because the White House is full of shit and truly doesn’t give a fuck, they posted the same photo to Twitter just two days later.

“Not only is it not snowing here, last night it was so warm (68ish) I had to take off a light jacket because I was sweating,” one person tweeted, the Post reports.


“There were more important things to communicate earlier last week than the first snowfall so the WH just saved the tweet for tonight,” tweeted Steve Guest, the Republican National Committee’s rapid response director.

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