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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin-on-Trump’s-nuts just can’t stop pass-blocking for his boo. Besides denying a request by Congress to turn over Trump’s tax documents, he’s now trying to delay revealing how much the Trump family has spent on presidential travel until after the 2020 election and Russia uses Facebook to put Trump back into office.


According to the Washington Post, Mnuchin-on-Trump’s-taint is putting off providing the cost figures related to Secret Service travel because surely those numbers are insane. And this news comes as Mnuchin-on-Trump’s-teat is currently in talks with Congress to move the Secret Service back under the Treasury Department. The Secret Service was moved from the Treasury to the Department of Homeland Security in 2003. Democrats are arguing that if that move is made then they’d like a report of Secret Service spending 120 days after it happens. Mnuchin-on-Trump’s-leftover-baby-goat-innards is trying to push back releasing these numbers until after the 2020 election.

Because the president of the United States can’t just sit on his ass in the White House and ride his Big Wheel around the Oval Office like the rest of the children who have lived there, the cost of protecting Trump whenever he leaves the comfy confines that Russia gifted him cost taxpayers a shit ton of money.


From the Post:

Since taking office, however, Trump has made more than 50 visits to his properties outside the Washington area, according to a tally kept by The Washington Post. The government spent about $96 million on travel by Obama over eight years, according to documents obtained by the conservative group Judicial Watch. A report by the Government Accountability Office, which serves as the congressional watchdog on federal spending, estimated that Trump’s travel cost $13.6 million in just one month in early 2017. That total included the costs of travel for Secret Service and Defense Department personnel, and the costs of renting space and operating equipment such as boats and planes. If spending continued at that pace, Trump would have exceeded Obama’s total expenses before the end of his first year in office.

Democrats, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, wants more transparency when it comes to the president traveling like an IG “model.” The Post reports that Feinstein wants annual reports and the first one would be after Congress approves the transfer back to the Treasury Department.

Mnuchin-on-Trump’s-gnarled-toes is pushing to have those numbers released in December 2020, a month after the presidential election.


“Secretary Mnuchin came to me last year with a proposal to move the Secret Service to the Treasury Department,” Feinstein said in a statement provided to the Post. “As part of that effort, I proposed that the cost of presidential travel be included for greater transparency, accountability and oversight associated with protection during travel of presidents and their families.”

Meanwhile, Trump is just trying to live his best life on the ’gram and stupid Congress just won’t let him be great.

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