The 'Wait is Ova'

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The “Wait is Ova Nov. 23.” That is what was announced on Rihanna’s official Web site and Twitter page. What this actually means can be left up to one’s own imagination. Whether or not she’ll be releasing a new album or a single is unknown. But I am sure that all of the Rihanna supporters/ fans cannot wait. Unlike Chris Brown, Rihanna has not spoken publicly about the night that he landed in jail and she wound up in the hospital. Maybe instead of going on Larry King, Rihanna has opted to use her music as a platform to express her sentiments on the ordeal.


Despite all of the madness and speculation that ensued after she was beaten, Rihanna has not gone into hiding. She has been in music videos and heavy on the fashion scene. Yet, she has almost been mute in public, and I don’t blame her. Rihanna is not obligated to sing about her relationship with Chris Brown. However, I think she should. If nothing else, it will send her fans running to iTunes and Wal-Mart to buy her album. And if it matters, it will make her seem more human.

She has already made albums with songs like “Unfaithful” and “Rehab,” but when these songs came out people on the outside did not have a battered image of Rihanna in their brains. The outside world knows too much to not want her to pen at least one track about her relationship with Chris Brown. Now should fans expect Rihanna to come out and blatantly say Chris Brown's name in the song or give the play by play about what happened in the Lamborghini? No. But I guess we will just have to wait until Nov. 23 to find out.


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