The VSB Group Chat: Insecure Season 3, Episode 4, 'Fresh-Like' Recap

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Ain’t no need for an intro, we in this and we are finally, finally (FINALLY!!!) getting somewhere! So let’s jump into this weekly discussion with Jouelzy and Panama on season 3 of Insecure.


Jouelzy: Molly is so indifferent to Daniel, it’s like, damn, is she that unable to cut the poor boy some slack? I guess all can be forgiven with Molly shading my ain’t-shit former flames when she’s walking into my crib with a swanky gift of Hennessy XO.

Someone needs to gift Issa opaque curtains, so the whole hood won’t know when she’s home or eating tacos and kissing Nanceford...

Panama: I’m like a carport, I’m here for the shade. Corny, I know. I may be a hater but Daniel has managed to annoy me greatly in the previous three episodes. He went from being faux-Rico Suave to a fairly wacksauce producer with a pride and attitude problem. Basically, he is every woman, it’s all in heeeeeeeeeeee. At the same time, I do wonder if he and Issa will get back on the good foot. It ain’t like either of them have much else going on.

*Finishes episode* It seems I may have spoken too soon. I sympathize with Issa’s unfurnished apartment with the 1984-style wood paneling, though I’d at least have copped those little paper-accordion blinds that they put in new houses before they close that folks who blew their wad on the house try to fancy up with the little clamps in the middle to make them fan out. It’s so adorbs in its frugality. Issa needs those.

Jouelzy: Is it a black person thing to have random rules for their house pets? They’re not allowed in certain rooms of the house or that pets are kept almost entirely outside? I have no frame of reference for whether that’s cruel or not, but my allergies and I thank you!

Molly’s dog is cute, so we got a cute-dog scene that would have been muddy with the presence of Dro. But it turns out she hasn’t mentioned the open relationship with her therapist. Has Dro just not appeared? Is Molly taking any actions towards growth here because in not confronting the relationship or feelings towards it, she’s sweeping it under the rug and Molly in denial is not an emotionally mature Molly.


Panama: I mean, we’re four episodes in and Lawrence has barely gotten a whisper, as if that whole-ass relationship turned into Raina St. James. That’s a Power reference. She dead. Spoiler alert.

Molly is annoying me, too. I don’t know why I’m so annoyed either; she basically reminds me of Toni from Girlfriends and growth was more of a force than a want. I do imagine Dro will reappear somehow and she’ll have to deal with it, but Insecure loves to drop folks off in StayYourAssOutofThisNarrativeville like we ain’t just finish watching the previous episodes.


Jouelzy: Molly with the AKA mug and the Morehouse shade...I know she has to be your favorite character, Panama? No need to be modest about it.

Panama: Well, one of the other co-workers shaded Morehouse if I’m not mistaken. Look, you can’t be a Morehouse Man without understanding that where folks can shade The House they will shade The House. Now, we Morehouse Men know that we’re awesome so it matters not. And for the record: No, they do not teach modesty at Morehouse. We’re too important and have too much work to do for that shit. Molly would be better as a Delta, though. I’m sure you’d agree.


Jouelzy: Molly is overzealous at work. She felt comfortable enough to confide in her woman co-workers about Torian’s overstepping and showboating, but doesn’t think through her commitments to her co-workers. Sis has to know better, in her eagerness, she just doesn’t do better.

Panama: That’s pretty much the ethos of the show, right? At least of all of the main characters, including Hero Emeritus Lawrence. The ability to do better stays in conflict with their desires to actually do it. It’s a show full of folks trying to figure out shit they believed they’d have figured out by now. Again, it’s a pretty common struggle for most of us at their age in life. Take it from me, someday we’ll all be free, and they gon’ figure it out is my guess.


Jouelzy: I didn’t even live in Houston for that long and I have questions about Nanceford...Nathan being a barber from Houston. Between the disconnected beard and questionable shape-up and his willingness to like hood-gourmet tacos that took a whole hour to prepare...sir? Is this a barber you would trust?

Panama: This is my same struggle with dentists with bad teeth. Sir or ma’am, how do you know where I’m at when you haven’t been where I’ve been? Understand where I’m coming from? Also, how in THE fuck is anybody waiting THAT long for fucking California. Nigga, no way. They can’t possibly be as good as that wait. They just can’t. I once waited 45 minutes for a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes at South Dekalb Mall, right outside of Atlanta and it was worth the wait but had we gotten to 46 minutes, fam? Nope.


Nathan, though, fits right in with Insecure, to me, lately. Remove mofo, insert mofo. I do agree about hoods in Los Angeles being...nice. The first time I went to L.A., my homegirl gave me a tour and when she told me we were in the hood, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I get it: The hood isn’t where you’re at, it’s who lives there. But still, L.A. hoods looked a whole lot like neighborhoods we move to on the east coast. With that said, I know about the Jungles and I’m not walking in that motherfucker shouting any movie lines. The Pineapple Shasta took me out, though.

Jouelzy: A whole rom-com rendezvous with Nathan smack in the middle of the work day and I am absolutely most excited that we are finally moving this storyline along with Nathan being the battery in Issa’s back to get her to quit her job. Hah-lay-lou, hallelujah! We sing praises for progression.


Panama: I’m going to have to say that the rom-com part is cute and all but it’s SUPER white to legit commit breaking and entering and then skinny dip in somebody else’s pool. I realize that sometimes you have to go where the mood and vibe takes you, but if that shit took you to jail, I wonder if they’d ever speak again is all I’m saying. For suspension of reality purposes, though, it was adorbs.

I do wonder where they’re going with their storyline. It has potential, and unless he asks about her credit, they might make it to $200 date nights.


Also, I’m so glad she’s leaving We Got Y’all. THAT storyline is of great interest to me. I have no idea what Issa is qualified to do or what her skill set is, but I hope to see her make some magic with it elsewhere. We Got Y’all was getting old.

Jouelzy: Me, an individual, very ready to have Kelli back in the next episode high off an edible. There’s no way that hilarity will fail me!


Panama: Kelli for President 2032!



Kelli is my least favorite. Her comments are too over the top...

Nathan is fine, but damn, can a sister find a brutha with a 9-5 job w/ benefits?

Glad Issa quit that “we got y’all” bullsh*t. I hate that the name is grammatically improper. Her co-workers were also trash. But I am not lobbying for her to join another non-profit.... Go make some money with your G-town degree, girl.

Mollie is too thirsty at her new job. Get down to business, put in the long hours and EARN the respect and admiration. Let them come to you to get to know you. She’s way too thirsty. Stop gossiping and get to work.

The Morehouse comment was ironic to me, in my experience, so I will just leave it at that.

And why would Mollie be better as a Delta?? I’m confused by that comment above...