The women of The View weighed in on NPR firing Juan Williams because of comments he made about Muslims. In a rare instance of agreement, the ladies said that Williams should not have been fired for expressing his personal opinions. Joy Behar was noticeably absent, with celebrity host and staunch conservative Patricia Heaton filling in for the comedian. Barbara Walters admitted that it was a "silly statement" that Williams made, but it was an opinion, which is different from what is expected of journalists. While the ladies raised interesting points, they neglected to mention the challenge of viewers possibly not knowing the difference between traditional journalists and people hired to give opinions, whether they are fact based or not. The line between the two is blurred at best. We just find their stance interesting, especially based on the Bill O'Reilly dust-up on The View last week. Goldberg let NPR know that it needed to get its "stuff together." Maybe The View should, too?

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