The Top 5 Panic-Inducing Moments of This Week’s How to Get Away With Murder

We feel you, Michaela. We were on the phone, too, after that episode.
ABC Screenshot
We feel you, Michaela. We were on the phone, too, after that episode.
ABC Screenshot

This week’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder took us to three weeks before the fire at Annalise’s house. The stuff they did and the tricks they pulled—it was enough to send anyone to the counseling couch. These five moves will leave you scratching your head and calling your therapist for reinforcements.

1.  When the Po-Po Come Knocking at Your Door

Imagine this: You’re studying for a big test when your girlfriend (well, now ex-girlfriend) calls to tell you that detectives are outside your apartment, wanting to question you about the murder of your father. Do you turn yourself in, or hide in Annalise’s basement?


The police are looking for Wes because someone left an anonymous tip that he was responsible for Wallace Mahoney’s (his father’s) death, even though the only thing Wes is guilty of is sheepishly believing that Annalise is stable enough to protect him. Spoiler alert: She ain’t.

2. When You Can’t Stop the Trainwreck That Is Your Friend and Her New Boo

“Michasher.” I want you to let that settle in for a moment: Michaela and Asher. They’ve been “unofficial” and “broken up,” but now they’re “official.” This is akin to Toni Braxton and Birdman or Whitney and Bobby. Try to imagine the dorky country-dancing, no-rhythm-having, rich boy Asher with the bougie-aspiring, Olivia Pope-in-training, “I’m With Her” Michaela.

You can’t, can you? Neither can I. It’s enough to make your head spin. And all because he’s been disowned by his family and she never really had a functional one, and they kinda need someone, and the sex is really good?

3. When You Find Out Your Ex-Boo Is Dating Your Archnemesis

After the bar association reinstates Annalise’s license, she faces Nate’s new boo in court, who greets Annalise with fighting words: “I requested to be co-counsel when I found out this was your case. May the best woman win.” Annalise loses it.


Foolishly she decides to cross-examine a key witness, even though she isn’t prepared to do it, just so that she can “one-up” her rival. Nate’s boo, however, demolishes her in court. In the next scene, Michaela finds Annalise in the courthouse bathroom, eating potato chips while squatting on the toilet. Junk food is obviously her new drug of choice. It looks like Annalise needs to see somebody …

4. When All Your Friends Turn on You and Become Mean Girls

Wes wants to turn himself in, but his “friends” make it clear that they won’t be there for him if he does. First, Bonnie tells Wes that it’s his fault the police are sniffing around. After all, if he hadn’t gotten involved with Rebecca, none of this would have happened (wait, say what?!) …


To add insult to injury, Connor threatens Wes: “You did this the moment you killed Sam. If you say anything to the police, I swear to God, I will kill you.” (Connor is terrified that if Wes is honest with the police, the investigation will create a trail that connects all of them to Sam’s death and each of the ensuing murders.) Annalise caps off the threats with, “You take another step, and I’ll chain you in the basement like I did Rebecca!” Wes reluctantly sentences himself to solitary confinement in Annalise’s basement. This is enough to make anyone wanna holla.

5. When Your Friend Becomes Your Enemy and Then Becomes Your Friend Again

What would you do if you had a friend who took you to visit a long-lost relative and then shot that relative in front of you but then sent the police to your apartment to question you as a suspect? You’d definitely drop that person from your fave five, right? But what if that friend had a change of heart and planted the murder weapon in your half brother’s car and tipped off the police about the gun, resulting in the arrest of your half brother? Would you let that person back into your fave five? Well, call up Wes to give him some advice, because he probably doesn’t know what to think about Frank right now. I mean, it’s all way too much.


Oh, and in other news, we found out that Asher is alive and that we will find out who was under that white sheet in two weeks.

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