The Soundtrack for Us Is Out. Yes, Including That Creepy Ass ‘I Got 5 on It’ Remix

Screenshot: Universal Pictures (YouTube )

Remember when Jordan Peele singlehandedly fucked up your Christmas 2018 and forever changed the way you would hear the Luniz hit “I Got 5 On It,” transforming the Bay Area bop into a terrifying tune?


That very remix heard in the trailer is now included in the new Us movie soundtrack. A dope bonus: the “tethered mix” features Michael Marshall, who sang the hook on the original track.

“I Got 5 on It” feat. Michael Marshall, Tethered Mix from Us / Back Lot Music (YouTube)

Along with Michael Abels’ chillingly gorgeous score, the Us soundtrack features more recognizable tunes, such as Janelle Monáe’s “I Like That,” and Minnie Riperton’s “Les Fleur.”


“There are times you want to foreshadow what’s coming and other times you want to deliberately not foreshadow what’s coming,” Abels told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive interview. “Some scares are the type of dread where you know it’s coming, and others aren’t. So, we do spend a lot of time talking about what kind of scare something’s going to be, whether it’s a jump-at-you or a slow burn.”

Abels is right. There’s a point in the film (the climax) where the tethered mix is used so effectively it makes every bit of the creepy factor worth it. As you’ll soon see, the film’s music is as much of a character as the dynamic actors onscreen.

The official Us soundtrack is available on iTunes/Apple Music and beyond. So, sit back, get some St. Ides (of March—how timely!) and enjoy.

Us hits theaters Friday, March 22, 2019.

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I didn’t know I needed this creepy ass remix but I actually fuck with it lol. I just need it to be a full song.