The Saga Continues: Arrest Warrant Issued for Troubled NFL Receiver Antonio Brown

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The Antonio Brown saga has taken a predictable, if not unfortunate, turn.

On Wednesday, Florida’s Hollywood Police Department issued an arrest warrant for the troubled All-Pro receiver following allegations that he and his trainer, Glen Holt, assaulted the driver of a moving truck near Brown’s home.


In a press release, police spokesman Christian Latta listed the numerous charges that the former Pittsburgh Steeler is facing: Burglary with battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance, and criminal mischief of less than $1,000.

ESPN reports that there wasn’t any police activity at his home on Wednesday night after the warrant was issued, but that it will possibly be executed on Thursday should Brown fail to turn himself in.

As such, this turn of events can best be summed up in two words: Uh oh.

On Wednesday, I did the Lord’s work and explained the events leading up to Brown’s arrest warrant:

As public information officer Christian Lata tells it, police responded to an emergency call from Brown’s residence. Upon their arrival, they discovered the victim, who claimed that he had been assaulted. Police then attempted to talk to the All-Pro receiver for further questioning, yet despite him being home at the time, somehow failed to do so. As a result, police were unable to bring battery charges against the former Pittsburgh Steeler on Tuesday.

What I failed to mention, however, is that prior to the attack, Brown allegedly threw a rock at the driver’s moving truck before the alleged battery took place.

For his involvement in the attack, Holt was arrested and charged with felony burglary with battery. He was released from the Broward County Jail on Wednesday after posting $20,000.


Things just went from bad to worse, and we’ll keep you updated.



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