The Rumors Are True: Steph Curry Will Return Before Jesus Does

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With Kevin Durant making his expected exodus from the team, Klay Thompson rehabbing a nasty ACL tear and aging mainstays like Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston being cut or traded into quasi-retirement, this was supposed to be a transition year for the Golden State Warriors.

That plan went to complete shit a mere four games into the season after Steph Curry broke the second metacarpal in his left hand and the Warriors have stumbled around the league like a drunk uncle ever since.

Once feared for their championship pedigree, the current incarnation of the Dubs has been an outright embarrassment to the Bay—and their brand spanking new billion-dollar arena—plodding along to a league-worst 12-46 record under the stewardship of perennial disappointment Andrew Wiggins and the Ghost of Draymond Green.


But after four months of misery, Warriors fans are in for a treat: Their messiah is finally set to return.

“Warriors star Stephen Curry will return to the Golden State lineup on Sunday against the Wizards, sources tell @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium,” tweeted NBA insider Shams Charania of The Athletic. “Curry on track for comeback four months after surgery on his broken left hand.”

Despite the fact that he’s still suffering from some nerve damage, the three-time NBA champ is expected to return this weekend after missing 56 games. And there’s no word on if he’ll be on any type of minutes restriction or if he’ll have free reign to bust Bradley Beal’s ass.


“He’ll continue to work this week, and we’ll make that determination on Saturday whether he’ll play on Sunday,” coach Steve Kerr said before the Warriors lost to the Kings on Tuesday.

Shoutout to Santa for the early Christmas present.

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I mean if you are going to tank go all in but I admire Steph for wanting to return. The league is better when he is in it. It will be strange to have a Spring with no Golden State. They were approaching Magic’s Lakers, Bird’s Celtics and Michael’s Bulls level of expecting them on your TV until Memorial Day. Some lottery luck and they could be jus as dominant as they once were. Welcome Back.