The Roots have been at it for more than 20 years and are still able  to move crowds and gain the support of their hometown of Philadelphia. This  weekend, they headlined their annual picnic, in its sixth year, where  they brought out an eclectic mix of artists and bands including Trinidad  James, Solange, Macklemoore and Naughty By Nature. As I witnessed  awesome live music—something that is becoming a dying aspect of the  music industry — I couldn’t help but put my boss moves hat on (as corny as  that might sound. I mean, in my world, there’s a boss-moves lesson in almost everything.)

Though I  enjoyed the show (and the up-close-and-personal backstage glance at  Treach, who’s still as handsome and talented as he was when the group  first hit the scene in the ’90s), here are a few boss-moves takeaways on longevity  and stellar branding:

image credit: hiphopgods

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