The Root: Voter Resource Guide

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The Root isn't convinced that the elections are all sewn up as reported on a regular basis by the media. It is so uncool to discount votes and voters based on polls that do not tell the entire story. There's a reason Nov. 2, 2010 exists: because there are still elections to be had. We've pulled together some resources to take the guesswork out of voting and to make sure you know where to go when you vote, despite what the naysayers think. We know that we vote and our vote counts. The question is, do they? Check out the links below, and happy voting: Electionland is the place where you can ask and answer questions on everything related to elections in your state.


NAACP Election Protection: This site has everything you need to know about voting, including 10 ways to protect your vote on Election Day.

Google Voter Info: Insert your information (full home address, city and state where you're registered to vote), and Google will help you find your polling place and voting information.

Rock the Vote: Perhaps the most comprehensive website on voting, including where to go, what to bring and voter-turnout events.

The Washington Post Election Tracker: The Washington Post is monitoring all 50 states and keeping track of the results and the potential for a power shift.

League of Women Voters: A comprehensive website that helps you find out who is on your ballot, what they stand for and where you should go to vote.

If you need to find out more about the candidates, perform an Internet search, and look for his or her official election website. Of course, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about voting in your state, contact your state board of elections.