The Root to Redefine Success With the Young, Fabulous and Female and manCODE Panel and Networking in Chicago

Amina Mance, Danielle Belton, Quentin Holmes and Donna Byrd (Veronica Graves/The Root)
Amina Mance, Danielle Belton, Quentin Holmes and Donna Byrd (Veronica Graves/The Root)

If there’s one thing The Root loves, it’s an event! Clearly, there are a ton more things we love here at The Root, like watching The Five Heartbeats, Issa Rae’s very existence, dreams about former President Barack Obama being president again that feel real ... and the list goes on! But there’s just something so special about gathering professional black men and women for panel discussions and libation-laced networking that makes for a special night.


Both such events—Young, Fabulous and Female and manCODE—will take place simultaneously in Chicago at the Zhou B Art Center, where we’re taking it back middle-school-dance style. Can you imagine that—men on one side, women on the other? Well, we’re hosting men at manCode in one room and women at YFF in another for prepanel receptions, a panel discussion and a Q&A; and finally, after all knowledge has been absorbed, we’ll unite the men and the women for a big mixer, complete with cocktails—aka a party!

In each event, the conversation will center on personal and professional advancement, and we will search for new definitions of what success means in a black man and woman’s world. If you’re in Chi-Town, you should come through!


The details:

Who: Men and women of color

What: Young, Fabulous and Female and manCODE events

When: Tuesday, May 16

Where: Zhou B Art Center, 1029 W. 35th St., Chicago

Why: Networking, panel discussions, free drinks and hors d’oeuvres

How: Toyota Corolla (special thanks to our sponsor!)

RSVP for manCODE here!

RSVP for YFF here!

See you in the Windy City!

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