The President Is a Pandemic-Sized Asshole and When He’s Called on It, He Attacks the Media

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In the president’s world, everything—the global pandemic, deaths, fear, the lack of toilet paper—all of it is solely about his election and the attempts by the “LameStream media” to keep him from being elected.


So the president has decided that he’s going to show everyone—scientists, the media, people who didn’t vote for him and even people who did—that he knows what’s best for the country, and much like the resurrection of Christ, Trump is trying to raise the world from the ashes of the coronavirus ruin to embrace—maskless, like we used to—on Easter! Has any health official approved this Easter unmasking? Fuck no. But why should Trump let that stop him, especially since he’s convinced that this global pandemic is all a ploy by the evil media to tank the economy and therefore his reelection hopes?

So during a recent press briefing, Trump was asked to respond to the experts without a political agenda whether the idea of opening America back up on Easter (April 12) was a bad idea and how the only reason for opening the world to possible doom appeared to be politically motivated. The president avoided the question and attacked the media.

“I think there are certain people that would like it to not open so quickly, I think there are certain people that would like it to do financially poorly because they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls,” Trump said, Vox reports.

Trump interrupted the reporter to add: “I think it’s very clear that there are people in your profession that write fake news. You do.” He then noted boldly, “You’re lucky that you have this group here right now for this problem, or you wouldn’t even have a country left,” and then moved on like the reporter never asked about opening the country at Easter.

The reporter was seeking clarification from a Trump tweet posted earlier in the day in which the president claimed that the media was the “dominant force” trying to encourage him “to keep our Country closed as long as possible” because it might be “detrimental to my election success.”


“The real people want to get back to work ASAP,” Trump tweeted.

But Vox calls bullshit, noting that “polling released on March 25 indicates 74 percent of registered voters either somewhat or strongly support the imposition of even more stringent distancing measures than the ones currently prevailing in most states.”


This global pandemic has always been about Trump and his attempt to control the narrative around a public health crisis so bad that New York is currently building makeshift morgues. The president isn’t concerned about the people; he never has been, and this pandemic proves it. It proves that it’s impossible for a narcissistic president to stop making all of this about him, which includes lying to the American people about themselves. Seventy-four percent of Americans are just fine sitting at home until this shit plays out, but Trump keeps spouting that America wants to get back to work.


If Trump keeps up with this timeline to reopen America during Easter and his idiot followers believe him, then Trump is going to be responsible for killing folks; not that he will take accountability for the deaths he’s caused. I mean, I’m sure he’ll find some way to make it about the media or former President Obama as that’s what he does best.

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