In an effort to demonstrate how much they want to “reopen the economy” (or perhaps how badly they hate social distancing and other protective measures in place to ensure people aren’t out here catching the coronavirus), some white folks across the U.S. are protesting outside in the middle of a pandemic with signs like this—calling for either liberty...or COVID-19.

Illustration for article titled The Open America Protests Are a Classic Example of the Power of White Privilege
Image: Karen Ducey/Getty Images

And that’s not all. A number “open America” protest attendees are walking around publicly strapped as they make their feelings known.


Could you even imagine a group of black people with guns drawn on the steps of a government building? Exactly.

Check out the video above to learn more about the double standards faced by black people who choose to protest, how anti-social isolation protests are basically white privilege in action and more.

Jessica Moulite is a Video Producer for The Root. She loves telling stories people often times can't tell themselves—and Oprah. She's probably watching Black 90s reruns.

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