Eric Holder (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Writing at the Huffington Post, Earl Ofari Hutchinson says that the attorney general "is an all-purpose tool in the GOP's relentless drive to mark Obama as a failed president."

There was nothing subtle about The Washington Times' recent poll question: "Will Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. be forced to resign within the next six months?" The percentage of votes for yes was lopsided. Considering the source — the conservative Washington Times — the poll may have been more wishful longing than merely an objective gauge of public opinion about Holder. At the very least, it spoke to something that has been near and dear to conservatives virtually from the moment that President Obama announced his intention to nominate Holder for Attorney General in 2008. That something is to convert Holder into the whipping boy for all the GOP's manufactured alleged sins of the Obama Administration. Then once he has served that end, to try and force Obama to dump him, and point to that as example of a president with a penchant for getting a top cabinet official to do the administration's dirty work.

Holder is an all-purpose tool in the GOP's relentless drive to mark Obama as a failed president. The call for Holder's resignation is not new. Florida Senator Marco Rubio and then-GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called for his ouster last June. The ostensible reason was the hit Holder took for the Justice Department's Fast and Furious gun sale sting. The call for his resignation got no traction at the time even among GOP senators. But that didn't mean Holder was off the hot seat.

The war against Holder began during his Senate confirmation hearing in 2009 …

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