The Net Worth of 'Love and Hip Hop' Cast Members


Does part of your Love and Hip Hop "hate-watching" (tuning in to programs you love to hate) routine involve wondering how much money the show's stars actually have?

If you're curious, you're not alone. RollingOut dug into the issues, asking:

But which cast members on the VH1 smash hit TV show actually have game to back up all that lip? Meaning, which ones are actually stacking those chips real high. We all know, if you watched the reunion show, that Joseline wants very badly to rake in the Benjamins. But who actually has the thick stacks already? With the help of, rolling out can tell you what each major cast member is worth.


Stevie J. and Mimi topped the list with $5 million and $1.5 million, respectively. Not bad, right?

Check out the rest of the list at RollingOut, and let us know if anyone's riches surprised you (or if you even care).

Read more at Rolling Out.

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