The Most Grossly Incompetent President Just Fixed His Anus-Shaped Mouth to Come for Obama

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President Donald Trump is Future.

He’s not the future, he’s like Future the rapper.

He’s the disgruntled ex who is watching his former lady move on with Russell Wilson, aka President Obama. It’s why he can’t keep the former president’s name out of his mouth.

Obama is beloved by America and well, President Trump is beloved by people who can’t get enough of Golden Corral’s all-you-can-eat buffet.

Obama has literally tried his best to ignore Future’s attempts to rile him up. He won’t even say his name and dodges questions about him. But when COVID-19 hit like the Trump administration of viruses and people started dying, Obama’s hand was forced to call the president of disgruntled exes and his minions dofusses or dofusi (as I’m not sure the plural of doofus.)


“All those adults that you used to think were in charge and knew what they were doing? It turns out that they don’t have all the answers,” the former president said during Saturday night’s special broadcast of “Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020,” CNN reports. “A lot of them aren’t even asking the right questions. So, if the world’s going to get better, it’s going to be up to you.”

He added: “Doing what feels good, what’s convenient, what’s easy—that’s how little kids think. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called grownups, including some with fancy titles and important jobs, still think that way—which is why things are so screwed up,” Obama said. “I hope that instead, you decide to ground yourself in values that last, like honesty, hard work, responsibility, fairness, generosity, respect for others.”

This was like the time a rumor started that Russell Wilson told Future he can keep his child support money because Future Jr. is good over here.

On Sunday, Trump went into his sack full of names and called Obama...wait for it….keep waiting….“grossly incompetent.” That’s it. That’s the best the president of people who like to bash Obama could come up with. And it’s an insult considering it’s coming from the president who has literally botched America’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.


In all fairness, Trump didn’t just run up to reporters and call Obama grossly incompetent, he was asked about Obama’s comments to which he replied, “Look, he was an incompetent president. That’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent.”

From Politico:

In April, 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs and unemployment was at 14.7 percent. As states ease coronavirus restrictions, the spread continues: There are nearly 1.5 million cases and more than 89,000 deaths in the U.S. The Trump administration has been criticized for a delayed response to the outbreak and a lack of organization in providing tests and medical supplies.


But, sure, the Russell Wilson of presidents is the one that has the game fucked up.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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The Dark One 508

Since Biden can’t find the stones to say it, im glad Obama did.