The Media Needs to Stop Fawning Over Obama

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Barack Obama enjoys his relationship with the media and certainly uses it to his advantage.


But it's reaching 'Fatal Attraction'-like levels and if the groupie love trend from the media doesn't stop soon, it'll only be a matter of time before he comes home to find his pet rabbit boiling on the stove.

The sometimes-troubling Juan Williams outlines the above in an opinion piece for FOX NEWS. He writes:

"It's time for the press to stop being Obama's toady and treat him with the seriousness he deserves. So far, it's Hollywood on the Potomac all the time for Obama but at some point the press has got to get back to covering him as a serious, political leader. That means covering the manipulations, the flip flops, the failures of the administration. — Instead of covering him like "Entertainment Tonight" they've got to start covering him more like a reality show — one like "Jon & Kate."

While it's a sad sign of the times when a journalist asks that the news media cover the president of the United States like a reality show rather than, say, professional members of the free press, his point isn't debased in the least.

"Ultimately, while the administration might be happy with their strategy at the moment, over time the press will lose its credibility and the Obama White House will have no way to deliver important messages to the American people."

The job of critique really can't be left up to Fox News because they will throw salt as much as the New York Times swoons.

While having a rock start president is fascinating and maddening alike, do you agree the media needs to be more willing to put a shoe in Obama?