The Mane Attraction: For Queen Kelly Rowland, Her Hair Is Her Crown and Glory

“The first message that I honestly remember receiving about my hair was that it was hard to manage,” singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland told The Root.

As a black woman who has hair that’s been referred to as “a rat’s nest,” I can relate. First question: Do rats even have nests?! Follow-up question: Why are you concerned about how I am managing my hair? Get out of my scalp.”


Alas, these are struggles women with natural hair deal with. But back to Kelly Rowland’s hair...

For Rowland, falling in love with her hair came from a bit of encouragement and a new do. “I’ve loved my hair ever since Tina cut it short,” said Kelly Rowland. That “Tina” would be the “Ms. Tina,” beautician extraordinaire, Queen-mother of Queen Bey. Over the years, Ms. Tina gave Rowland much-needed pride in her mane.


“I don’t know if she knows it, but she gave me the confidence behind my hair,” Rowland confessed. “She made me feel that I could do anything and it would be great.”

Sitting down with The Root to talk about the first message she received about her hair to her signature styles, Kelly Rowland to talked all things hair. See the entire video above.

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I hate the internalized hatred Black people have for our hair and all the negative words we use so regularly to describe it! We should make a concerted effort to think of it and talk to children about it in magical terms!

Who else’s hair RISES toward the heavens when moisture hits it?!

How amazing is it that Black hair, unlike any other hair, forms coils and curls all on it’s own and has to be wrestled to lay flat?!

No one else’s hair grows from their scalp SPINNING and DANCING in all directions!

There’s nothing more impenetrable than Black hair for cushioning protection from the sun AND against things falling on your head!! It’s the Vibranium of hair!

And lastly, although it can curl and coil tightly and make an intricate design on our heads, yet it doesn’t hold lice!

We should start a narrative to our children to combat the messages they routinely receive! Write more books with Black hair as Super Heroic! Start from a position of UNIQUENESS, not ‘different’ or ‘difficult’ or ‘painful’...but the Mighty, Mighty Afro Puff!