The #MAGAChallenge Proves Yet Again That All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk

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Social media is not my ministry.

My Facebook page sued me for years of gross negligence; I tweet about as often as I wake up a pregnant white woman, and my Instagram page exists only to gawk at the lines at Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut.


I mean, look at that shit. And that’s three hours before it even opens?!?

But every once in a while, the beck-and-call of social media becomes irresistible, and I find myself scouring through hashtags, tweets, and clapbacks like anybody else with more important things to do. Which brings me to my latest discovery: the #MAGAChallenge.

On Sept. 14, indie rapper Bryson Gray—who sources report is actually Paris Dennard’s tether—mistook his MAGA hat for a microphone and issued a challenge to the internet.

“MAGA BOY,” he captioned his Tea Party starter as his bloodline cowered in embarrassment. “I want y’all to [do] your own rap to it too then tag me! Let’s make liberals cry!”

A phenomenon was born.

Since that fateful day, wayward negroes from far and wide have taken to Twitter to pledge allegiance to their bright orange God.


There have been black folks:


White folks:




And even “celebrities” are getting in on the act:


It’s the hottest trend since white supremacy.

No word yet on when their debut album, You Down With GOP? (Yeah, You Know Me), is scheduled for release, but in the interim, feel free to stare blankly at your cellphone or computer screen as you attempt to process what you just witnessed.

Menace to supremacy. Founder of Extraordinary Ideas and co-host and producer of The Extraordinary Negroes podcast. Impatiently waiting for y'all to stop putting sugar in grits.


Implied Kappa

Someone hit play on my Casio? I need a beat for this.

Thanks, Lawrence.

I’m DJ Maga Chud. I’m here to say,
I’m advancing the white race in a predictable way.
I’m real popular with The Blacks and The Jews
But if you heard I’m dog whistling, that’s just fake news.

I’m all about gun rights, law, and order,
And unaccountable federal agents at the border.
You’ll never see me disrespect the flag;
I’m proud of my stars and stripes colostomy bag.