The Huxtables Were Awesome: Statistical Proof

A scene from The Cosby Show (YouTube)
A scene from The Cosby Show (YouTube)

OK, maybe it isn't statistical proof that the Cosby Show's Huxtable family was the best ever, but there's certainly some data reminding us that the fictional clan was widely loved.


In a recent survey, TV fans of all races liked the idea of being a part of their tightly knit and stereotype-defying African-American household. From Yahoo TV: 

National Geographic (in collaboration with Kelton Research) conducted a pop-culture survey in support of its six-part miniseries, "The '80s: The Decade That Made Us," narrated by Rob Lowe, that explores how the radical, tubular, and totally fresh '80s still affect our 21st-century lives. And the fun-loving Huxtables took top honors when more than 1,000 nationally representative Americans (ages 18 and older) were asked the all-important question "Which of the following '80s TV families would you most want to be adopted by?" The Huxtables won with 38 percent of the vote.

Runners up were the Keatons ("Family Ties") and the Ewings ("Dallas"), tied for second with 17 percent each; the Seavers ("Growing Pains") in third with 16 percent; and the Drummonds ("Diff'rent Strokes") in last place with 7 percent.

Was there really any competition?

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