President Obama on three-day bus tour (Getty Images)
President Obama on three-day bus tour (Getty Images)

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura S. Washington urges President Obama to be bold and lose the "squishy hokum" as he seeks re-election. She also calls on him to develop a viable economic plan, among other things.

No change from "change." That's the message President Barack Obama left Chicago after his Aug. 3 whirlwind birthday/campaign stop at the Aragon Ballroom in Uptown.


A day after the controversial debt ceiling deal was sealed, Obama hit the campaign trail to send a message to his staunchest supporters. From the iconic Aragon stage, a few miles from his national campaign headquarters, Obama declared:

"When I come to Chicago, when I travel across the country, I know we can't be stopped. I know America is the greatest nation on Earth. And I know we will bring about the change that all of us believe in."

Obama mentioned the word "change" seven times in his 15-minute speech, by my count. He exhorted the crowd of 2,400 Obama devotees: "Yes, we can."

Read Laura S. Washington's entire post in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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