The Hood Incubator: Oakland, Calif., Organization Empowers Black Communities to Take Ownership of Cannabis Industry [Retracted]

RETRACTED (6/12/18):

This story has been removed because we have discovered it was in breach of our editorial standards. If you’d like to know more, you can read an editor’s note here.

A cached version of the story is available here for transparency.

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Oakland (hopefully more cities will follow) is giving preference to at least 51% black owned and convicted of a weed crime, what that means is even if there’s white partners the black owner has the biggest share. I worked with farmers in humboldt getting them legal and in contact with dispensary’s over the last few years. What was unexpected to me was the negotiations with product to the black owned clubs last fall at harvest, these 60-80 yr old farmers are behind closed doors with no black people around, deciding to sell cheaper to black owned, they too want to see them succeed. Of course most farmers are trying to make money and don’t care about the social impact but these old timers that made their money in the 90s when lbs were moving out of humboldt for 5k say things like for every one of us that did time since the 70s there’s a black kid that’s doing or did 3 x’s our sentence. It makes me hopeful and know that I’m not alone in wanting to see black people succeed in our industry, it’s beyond time. And for the first time ever in Humboldt County there’s a presence of black farmers not huge but thats changing too. There’s so much Money going to crowd funding for specifically black owned shops. If you’ve ever thought about it now is a year late so jump in, join our industry, get legal!