The Happiest Place on Earth Could Become the NBA's New Home, Thanks to COVID-19

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Have you ever been to Disney World?

It’s a magical place full of exhilarating rides, once-in-a-lifetime attractions and mesmerized children. There’s an animal kingdom theme park to bask in the beauty of nature, there are water parks and exclusive guided tours, and Soarin’ Around the World offers the unique opportunity to do exactly that.


But one attraction there that most aren’t privy to is the NBA Experience, which debuted last August and provides basketball aficionados with the opportunity to live out their hoops dreams through photo-ops, games and challenges. Obviously, it’s not the real thing, but with the NBA’s co-sign, it’s about as close to becoming a professional athlete as most of us will ever get. Though if the NBA gets its way, it’s own players could experience Disney World like never before.

CBS Sports reports that as the NBA mulls its options on how best to resume its turbulent season, one solution that’s presented itself is to play games at—wait for it—Disney World. The league has been considering a number of different locations that would limit the spread and/or likelihood of exposure to the coronavirus, and believe it or not, Disney World actually sounds like prime real estate. Why? Because Disney’s Wide World of Sports venue in Orlando has multiple basketball courts on-site, an assortment of hotels, proximity to the Orlando Magic’s training facilities, and “immediate readiness for broadcasting.”

And if you let Shams Charania of The Athletic tell it, Disney has already offered up The Happiest Place on Earth as tribute.

“I’m told Disney’s believed to have already offered up its property as the NBA sees fit,” he said in a clip posted on Twitter.


Personally, I think it’s a good-ass idea; considering the strong possibility that Disney World will remain closed until 2021, why not put the amusement park to good use? Let Mickey ref a few games, and I’m sure Minnie would make a great assistant coach. But Donald Duck gotta keep his ass home because that temper is a technical foul waiting to happen.

Do it, NBA! It is a small world, after all.

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