“This series is about identity, culture and legacy, beauty, strength and joy,” Ross explained. “Hair is a portal into the souls of Black women, it drives straight to the center of who we are. Our goal is to share this vibrant community, where we hold a sacred space for each other. Like many women, I can trace my own journey to self-acceptance through my hair. This series is personal and universal, American and global. It is a love letter to Black women.”

A teaser for the series debuted in tandem with the announcement, featuring the aptly titled song “Wash & Set” by Leikeli47.

The docuseries will also mark an “unprecedented partnership” between the Oprah Winfrey Network and Hulu, which will simultaneously broadcast The Hair Tales on OWN and as a Hulu Original. The series will also be available internationally as a Star Original on Disney+.

Oprah also shared a personal anecdote explaining her affinity for the project:

“Early in my career, when I was just 22, my boss informed me my hair was too thick for the green screen wall behind the news desk and I needed to change my style,” she said. “So I was sent to a fancy salon in New York City and the stylist put a French perm on my hair. It burned so badly when he washed the perm out, my hair came out with it—and so did my identity and sense of self. Having grown up with the cultural edict ‘your hair is your crowning glory,’ it took awhile to regain confidence with my teeny weeny Afro. I learned then that our hair and how we as Black women see ourselves had deep roots.”


“Every Black woman has a personal and defining story that involves her hair,” Onyx Collective founder Duncan agreed. “From the moment Tracee and Michaela shared the idea for this series, I knew it would strike a chord with Black women and anyone who has ever been curious about the singular connection between our hair, our agency, our beauty and our identity.”

The Hair Tales will begin production later this year for a 2022 premiere.