The Divider-in-Chief Just Can’t Stop Dividing America

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Think about this for a second: In the midst of a global pandemic, the head of the federal government told state governors that if they can get ventilators (presumably off the street from the ventilator guy) to do it because going through the federal government would take too long.


And because the president refuses to let Stephen Miller change positions from stepping stool to official checker of presidential tweets, the president of the United States keeps calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus.”

I hate everything.

I hate all of the people who thought that it didn’t matter who we choose for president. I hate the 53 percent of white women who secretly voted for Trump because they couldn’t stomach seeing a woman in the White House. I hate Van Jones for...well, he doesn’t have anything to do with any of this but I just hate Van Jones. Oh, and I hate America. Well, not all of America; I hate the part of America that secretly puts fruit and other random shit into black American staples. Raisins don’t belong anywhere near mac-n-cheese.

Because look at these fucking idiots.


We just don’t look good, collectively. As a whole. As a country. We look lost as fuck.

And it doesn’t help matters that the president of the United States lacks the necessary empathetic skills that most of us learned in preschool just to not be racist during a time where America is so fucking afraid that we are literally looking for a voice to keep us calm.


Despite knowing that the coronavirus was here in January, the president wouldn’t acknowledge it.

For weeks, the president treated the coronavirus like Candyman and wouldn’t even say its name. Then when he finally said it’s here and people have it, he lied about how severe the issue was. Instead, the president used airtime to stroke his ego and his response efforts, of which there were little. He often boasted of his team and lied about a vaccine being on the way very soon, despite scientists noting that it was a year to a year and a half away.


And then when it all hit and everything came crashing down, the president of the United States basically looked to states and said, “Do what you can because I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.” He literally had a conference call with governors across the country and told them that when it comes to securing “respirators, ventilators and other equipment to aid the infected,” that they’re on their own.

“We just heard our leader say you all need to get your own weapons at the state level to defeat this,” Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) told the Washington Post. “But that’s the way it’s been.”


After eight weeks of denial, after a rally in which he called the coronavirus a hoax made up by the Democrats to keep him from being reelected, after weeks of denial and deaths, the president finally changed his tune, and the one thing that we can’t get back, the one thing that could’ve helped us defeat the Thanos of viruses, the one thing that the president squandered during his bullshit addresses to the country is the one thing that’s gone forever: time.

“We have an invisible enemy,” Trump said at a news conference Monday, the Washington Post reports.


This is the same man who, six days earlier, promised “it will all go away” and told Americans to “just relax,” is now suggesting that the outbreak could last until July or August.

Instead of bringing the world together, the president is still working on his full-time job of tearing the world apart. During a time when most of America is shut down and many of us are experiencing a fear like we’ve never known, the president is busy on Twitter attacking his enemies.


The president literally called out New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, claiming that he’s got to “do more.”


Cuomo tweeted back at Trump, “I have to do more? No — YOU have to do something! You’re supposed to be the President.”

And that’s just it; America has been waiting for Trump to be a president, to do anything even remotely presidential, and even in a time of crisis when most of America will take anything, even the smallest iota of presidential behavior, it’s impossible for the president not to continue to stir the pot of divisiveness.


Trump knows that the virus has a name; his tweeting of the “Chinese virus” wasn’t accidental; it was another racist tweet from a racist man who can’t stop being racist even in the face of a pandemic. It’s just one more reason to be afraid. It’s impossible for Trump to guide us through these times. The best thing Trump did was tell the governors that they were on their own because now they know officially that there is no cavalry on the horizon. The president isn’t going to save you from this; he isn’t going to save anyone. Hell, he can’t even save himself.

So this is where we are, America. I hope all of those people who couldn’t stand to see a black man in office so much that they literally ran out here and voted for the first white man they saw are happy with what they have done.


This is the America you’ve created and we have to live with it or die from it.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



No way. Fuck this guy all kinds of sideways and inside-out. He got up there yesterday and just read aloud what he needed to. This fucking moron doesn’t give a shit about anything but making himself look good to himself.

My partner believes fully that Plump Trump is lying about getting tested. He was asked a question about it and he couldn’t mention anything specific about it (much like everything else he talks about): “I would never do it again. It was rough” blah blah). Bitch, it’s a nose swab! Easiest test in the book, dumbass!

I fucking hate him with a passion I have never experienced in my life. I want him to be infected. I want him to suffer and try to play it off like nothing is wrong.

Anyway, fuck that guy. His voice will never be calming, no matter what saccharine-laced statement is written for him. He is devoid of all compassion.

And he’s a really gross human.