The Chosen President Wishes Everyone a Happy Jesus' Death Day

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The president of the United States—the one whom his believers link to Jesus, or, more modestly, God—just wished everyone a “HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY” because he’s not only a fake Christian, he doesn’t understand how any of this works.


For those of us forced to wear church clothes on Sunday—I only had three kinds of clothes: church, school and play clothes—we know that Good Friday is not a day of celebration; it’s supposed to be a period of reflection as the day Jesus died for our sins before being resurrected on Sunday, aka Easter, which, don’t get me to lying, has a lot to do with a bunny and dyeing eggs.

Look, I don’t claim to be a pastor, but even “Heathen Stephen” knows that no one says “HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!” That’s not a thing. It’s not a tweet. That’s not it, chief.


The holiest of all places, Twitter, had a lot to say about the president’s dumb-ass tweet.

This is from a Bishop Talbert Swan, who might be my favorite person on Twitter not named Jemele Hill:

And then these tweets, which just wanted to point out the president’s mistake:


Anyway, Jesus died for our sins but we’re all living in hell with this dumb-ass president in the White House.

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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

The thing is, as someone who grew up in that tradition and still considers himself a Christian, I can tell you that an awful lot of Evangelical Christians don’t really understand the basic fundamentals of Christian theology. Asking them to explain exactly what went on with Jesus’s death and resurrection from a theological standpoint is often too great a lift.

For these folks, “Christianity” reduces to nothing more than I Heart Jesus, save the babies, ban evolution, and Stop the Homosexual Agenda. They attend churches led not by pastors with DDs and seminary educations but random charlatans who may not even have attended Bible college. They know a lot of catchy songs, that Jesus Loves You, and that they’re supposed to vote Republican, that tends to be about it.

So saying “Happy Good Friday” seems perfectly legit to them. Most won’t even bat an eye at this.