The Cast and Crew of Queen & Slim on Black Love Being 'An Act of Resistance, Protest and Resilience'

Beyond the political allegory of two black people going on the run after killing a cop, Queen & Slim is a love story. Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) and Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) have bounties on their heads for the crime they’ve committed and throughout all of their trials and tribulations, they find a special sense of connection and intimacy.

For the black community, when the entire world seems against us, love is all we have.


“I think it’s what kept us here,” Kaluuya explained. “It’s the resilience to choose joy, to choose hope. To instinctively choose that.”

“I think it’s the fabric of our existence as black people,” Turner-Smith added. “It’s what has allowed us to survive. [...] So many of us, who were separated from our ancestors, torn apart from our families, we still continue to love and live. [...] Black love is an act of resistance. It is an act of protest and it is an act of resilience.”


Writer and producer Lena Waithe also touched on the intentional choice to cast “brown-skinned leads” in this film and why that choice is so significant.

Queen & Slim releases in theaters Nov. 27. It’ll be the perfect Thanksgiving weekend activity. Hurry up and see it so we can all finally talk about it.


Jae watches the world turn day-glo

I’m excited to see this movie. There aren’t enough depictions of black couples in the media especially romantic ones or with characters of depth.

Can we point to some? Sure but the truth of the matter is television shows, movies, print ads, billboards, commercials predominantly feature black men with white women or black men with white men. What are they afraid of? 2 blacks is 1 too much? What are they saying to us dark-skinned women?

Most of the shows/movies seem to occur in a universe where black women don’t exist even as extras. If somehow she wanders into that mythical world she is either a family member of the lead, a past dating speed bump or a lesbian who is dating a white woman.

I am aware that the media does the same thing to other poc and it’s disturbing.

Made the mistake of watching Nancy Drew with a young female relative of mine and the black male lead Ned (ex-convict) is deeply in love with white Nancy. In addition his life is now on course due to the presence of two other white women in his life. What!!!

I need stories of black couples: gay, lesbian and heterosexual.

Before any one says how dare you be against interracial coupling I’m not but I don’t like that it’s an edict. Please. I’ve seen shows where the black male character’s wife is dead and the camera pans to a photograph of a white woman. That is Not coincidence.

Thank you Lena Waithe for Queen & Slim!

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