According to the Department of Education, African-American male teachers and administrators are becoming extinct, New Orleans' WDSU reports. Only 2 percent of the nation's 4.8 million teachers are black men. Should it matter?


Definitely, according to at least one study that shows that black male teachers tend to enhance test scores among African-American students — particularly boys — and the theory that says interactions with them can send an important positive message to black female students.

From WDSU:

Black male teachers, according to a study by Colorado State University in 2006, not only tend to be firm disciplinarians but also appear to enhance test scores among African-American students, particularly boys.


“When they see us in positions of authority in education, it can motivate them to be better men, be better fathers and do something that is going to take us out of that realm that says, ‘All African-American males are incarcerated, we have children out of wedlock and we don't take care of business.’ And things of that nature,” Booker said.

Vera Triplett, CEO of the Capital One New Beginnings Charter Schools Network, says the black male educator also has a positive influence on African-American female students.

“I think for the females, the interaction between them and the African-American male being very positive, very professional, very respectful. Sort of seeing that and understanding that this is what you should expect from any sort of relationship that you have with an African-American male,” she said.

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